ich tier! (du mensch) – du tier! (ich mensch)

i animal! (you human) – you animal! (i human)

аз животно! (ти човек) – ти животно! (аз човек)

abrupt interspecies encounters


Ich Tier! (Du Mensch) – Du Tier! (Ich Mensch) proposes an art platform located across two independent spaces, Perla-Mode and Dienstgebäude in Zurich, with a series of common parallel events and a publication. The title of the project produces a surface or mirror effect inviting the spectator to “a locus for dialogue or for confrontation.” It implies an unstable drifting nature, undetermined, playfully aping a primitive language in “a clear opening toward the other” – in the manner of a tourist or castaway on unfamiliar ground making attempts at communicating without knowing the other’s language, led by need or positive feelings. It meanders between opposite meanings in a moiré of overlapping patterns turning into one another, merging dichotomies and thus undermining their deeply ingrained asymmetrical effect on self-other relations, and specifically human-animal relations. With its performative character it serves as a conceptual bridge between the two parts of the exhibition and the two art spaces.